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Press Release: The Atwelle Confession: Historical thriller inspired by bizarre discovery in ancient British church.

Joel’s short story, The Last Dance, was published on Every Day Fiction.

Recent Reviews

"Loved it! What a great book with a parallel storyline that converges in the climax. The Atwelle Confession is a well written historical mystery full of suspense. Author Joel Gordonson writes in such a way it's easy to dive right into the story. Well researched, entertaining with a scholarly taste. The tension, conflict, dilemma and unraveling of historical mystery slowly builds ending in a satisfying resolution.” — Good Reads

"I enjoyed reading this novel and believe you will too. Read it and solve the mystery. It truly surprised me!” — Book Pleasures

"Intricate, spooky and well written, The Atwelle Confession conjures up the fury of hell and the mandates of heaven in an intriguing novel that roars and pounds with the pressure of mystery and evil. Another unbelievably good read – don’t miss this one!" — The Review Broads

“Both storylines are equally engaging, in my opinion, and the mystery of the church, the gargoyles, and the people who worked there (in both time periods) comes together nicely by the end. I'll say this: The villain is not someone you'd necessarily suspect! That alone should entice any lover of Tudor fiction to read the book - there’s quite a good twist in the end.” — The Tudor Enthusiast

"With the abundance of details on the architecture of the church, I think that those in the fields of architecture and historic preservation will enjoy this novel.” — Amy’s Scrab Bag

"This one is painted on a broad canvas, woven rich in historical imagery and modern characterization.  Lush and lusty, fascinating and smart. Give it a read." —Steve Berry, author of several New York Times best sellers, including The Lost OrderThe 14th Colony, and The Templar Legacy.

Publishers Weekly says The Atwelle Confession is an “inventive, centuries-spanning mystery from Gordonson…the suspense raised by the gargoyle carvings and how they might tie into the murders makes the pages fly in the last third of the book.”

The Atwelle Confession is a terrific story of intrigue, then and now. Altogether a pleasure to read! It kept me guessing right up to a shocking conclusion. It’s a twist I didn’t see coming. Will you?” — Mystery Suspense Reviews 

“I liked the ending of The Atwelle Confession, didn’t see it coming at all. — The Good Men Project 

“I really liked the concept of The Atwelle Confession. Gordonson gives the reader a wealth of historical detail to work with. The interplay between Tudor England and modern times was well done.” —The Irregular Reader

The Atwelle Confession is a unique representation of the medieval church and the controversy between Henry VIII and the Pope. It definitely made me want to journey to England and look up St. Clement's Church to see those ominous and creepy gargoyles holding up the roof. ” —The Cyber Librarian 

"Gordonson did a wonderful job of painting the setting. When I was reading the 16th century portion I really felt we were there, I felt the emptiness of the church and the lack of modern amenities. When we were in the 21st century, it mostly felt authentic. The detail and the focus on the architecture was really well written.” —The Oddness of Moving Things

The Atwelle Confession is a historical thriller by Joel Gordonson. The reason behind the murders is impossible to discern but the excitement builds and centuries-old evil is revealed.” —The Mystery Site

"The Atwelle Confession by Joel Gordonson was an interesting story. The mystery was well-executed. I am interested in reading other books from Mr. Gordonson.” — J Bronder Book Reviews

"Excellent! Enthralling, atmospheric and engaging" —Goodreads

"I was surprised that the main “bad guy” covered their tracks so well. Mr. Gordonson did a masterful job in obscuring their identity." —NetGalley